KEKB Linac High-Gradient Acceleration with C-Band

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Replacing S-band structures with C-band structures in order to double the gradient.

From 2001 it was discussed to upgrade KEKB towards SuperKEKB, in which the energy of the positron ring was raised in order to avoid the electron cloud instability. It was called "an energy exchange". While the positron beam recirculation was one of the possible schemes, the new tunnel would be an obstacle. As a straightforward scheme, a replacement of a single S-band unit with two C-band units was developed.

Laser, it was decided not to exchange the energies. And the SuperKEKB project was fixed with the electron and positron energies of 7 GeV and 4 GeV, respectively. And the C-band accelerating structure became unnecessary.

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KEK News

News on 2003.10.16.
The first electron acceleration with C-band structure Cバンド加速管による電子ビーム加速にはじめて成功!

News on 2003.12.18.
Building a compact accelerator コンパクトな加速器を作る

Acceleration Gradient Measurement (without SKIP)

The First Acceleration Gradient Measurement with SKIP

Conditioning History in 2003


July 17, 2003.
Start of Accelerating Structure Conditioning at Linac Assembly Room
September 5, 2003.
End of Conditioning at Linac Assembly Room
Characteristics Measurement of Accelerating Structure
September 11, 2003.
Installation of Structure at Unit 44 in Main Linac
Tuning of Modulator and Klystron
Beggining October, 2003.
Conditioning at Unit 44
Middle October, 2003.
First Beam Acceleration
August, 2004.
Installation/Conditioning of SKIP
September 30, 2004.
First Beam Acceleration with SKIP
December, 2004.
Installation of the Second Structure

Articles on High-Gradient Acceleration at KEKB Linac

K. Furukawa <>, Linac, KEK, Sep.9.2002 - Dec.31.2022.
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