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200,000 hours of linac operation since 1982 (May.7.2020)

Simultaneous top-up injections into four storage rings (May.15.2019)

Fire at linac accelerator structure assembly room (Internal, Apr.3.2019)

SuperKEKB main ring injection from RF gun (May.31.2016)

Positron transferred to 2nd switch yard with 0.02nC/bunch (Jun.8,9.2014)

Positron transferred to 2nd switch yard with 0.01nC/bunch (Jun.7.2014)

First positron observed in the new capture section with flux concentrator (Jun.5.2014)

How's Linac Recovery Going (Mar.23.2011)
How's Linac Recovery Going (Mar.20.2011)
Linac Photos During and After Earthquake (Mar.11-17.2011)
Linac Video During Earthquake (Mar.11.2011)
    (mp4, 15MB, 18second-video + 1.5minute-voice, by K.Suzuki)

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