Discussion on Controls of CSNS

IHEP, Beijing, December 2008.

The discussions on accelerator controls of China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) were held on December 16-18, 2008 at IHEP, Beijing. Here I put most of the slide materials.
(Kazuro Furukawa, KEK)

Presentation slides

Presentation titles [pdf]

Accelerator Controls at KEK [pdf]
Overview of accelerator control systems at KEK

Recent Control Development at KEK [pdf]
Embedded EPICS systems in PLCs, FPGA-cards and Oscilloscopes, and new Event system at Linac

Applications of F3RP61 in Accelerator Controls [pdf]
at J-PARC, KEKB, RIKEN, etc. (Odagiri)

How to run EPICS on F3RP61 [pdf]
Overview and concept of its usage (Odagiri)

Device/driver Support of F3RP61 [pdf]
Details and examples (Odagiri)

Accelerator Controls in General [pdf]
Available technologies and Control reliabilities

Wireshark CA Plug-in [pdf]
may help understanding EPICS channel access, and may help trouble-shooting


Development of Embedded EPICS on F3RP61-2L, EX03 at PAaPAC2008

Network Analyser for the EPICS Channel Access Protocol, TUP008 at PCaPAC2008

Control Activities at KEKB, PF-AR and J-PARC, EPICS Meeting, INFN, 2008

EPICS on Yokogawa F3RP61-2L, EPICS Meeting, INFN, 2008

Redundant IOC with ATCA (HPI) support, EPICS Meeting, INFN, 2008

Development of Timing and Control Systems for Fast Beam Switching at KEK 8 GeV Linac [pdf],   [poster], TUPB009 at Linac2008.

Operational Performance of a New Beam-Charge Interlock System for Radiation Safety at the KEKB Injector Linac [pdf], TUPB079 at Linac2008.

Control System of the Kekb Accelerator Complex [pdf],   [slide], TOPB04 at ICALEPCS2007.

Fast BPM DAQ System Using Windows Oscilloscope-based EPICS IOC [pdf], WPPB37 at ICALEPCS2007.

PLC-based Beam Charge Interlock System for Radiation Safety in the KEKB Injector Linac [pdf], TPPA28 at ICALEPCS2007.

Using EPICS Redundant IOC in Unix Environment [pdf], TPPA31 at ICALEPCS2007.

Development of the Software Tools Using Python for EPICS-based Control System [pdf], TPPA16 at ICALEPCS2007.

Web-based Electronic Operation Log System - Zlog System [pdf],   [slide], WOAB04 at ICALEPCS2007.

Current Status of the Control System for J-PARC Accelerator Complex [pdf] [slide], TOAB02 at ICALEPCS2007.

Console System Using Thin Client for the J-PARC Accelerator [pdf], WPPA33 at ICALEPCS2007.

Modern Accelerator Control Systems [pdf],   [slide], TUZAC02 at PAC2007.

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