EPICS Related Information in Linac and KEKB Controls

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EPICS was selected as the base of the KEKB/SuperKEKB control system in 1995, after the discussion since 1994. It was studied as well at Linac since 1994, and has been incorporated on to the original linac control system with several gateway approaches. Since then, most of accelerator facilities at KEK are controled with EPICS.

SuperKEKB and Linac information

Linac related EPICS information (local only)
Linac naming convention
Linac typical PV names
CaSnooper Top50
CaSnooper Top1000

KEKB related EPICS information (local only)

EPICS email list information

Email list "epics-users" for external EPICS users in Japanese by default is available. Please ask Furukawa <epics-users-request@ml.post.kek.jp> to be added on to "epics-users". Some of information discussed on the list is summarized at Epics-User Jp web page by T.Obina

Email list "tech-talk" is available for comprehensive EPICS discussion. Please look in EPICS Tech-talk Mailing List web page.

(Email lists "EPICS-Gr" for internal EPICS developers was closed.)

Devices and Software

VXI-11 software information
VXI-11 and LXI application notes and software packages.

TransferArray record
TransferArray record is used to forward a part of waveform record to another.
Description (Japanese)
Description slide (Japanese)

Control System Studio (CSS)
CSS is the next generation operator interfaces developed at DESY and ORNL.

Beam Position Monitor (BPM) Read-out at Injector Linac and KEKB BT
Generations of read-out systems were developed for the advanced beam position measurements.

Beam Wire Scanner Controls at Injector Linac and KEKB BT
Several wire scanners should be added for SuperKEKB with improved controls.

Event-based Pulse-to-pulse Beam Modulation Controls
Fast and Synchronized Controls using Event System.

Channel Access (CA) Everywhere Controls
The concept of CA Everywhere.

Embedded EPICS IOC on LLRF microTCA Controllers
Channel Access on microTCA Interconnect.

EPICS IOC on embedded Linux CPU, F3RP61, on FAM3 PLC
F3RP61 would remove unnecessary gateways between EPICS and PLCs, and eliminate duplicate programming efforts on the both IOC and PLC.
Device Support Software,   Presentations,   Articles.  

FAM3 PLC from Yokogawa (in Japanese)
Slightly old discussion on   Protocols on Ethernet,   Ethernet modules,   WideField2 extension,   Specifications,   etc.

SL1000 Modular Measurement System from Yokogawa
This device support was developed by Yokogawa, Japan.

EPICS Device and Driver Support for General Network Devices (netDev)
This supports Yokogawa FAM3 PLC, Omron PLC, Chino Data Logger, etc.

Redundant EPICS IOC (local only)
Redundant IOC and redundant gateway information developed with DESY.

MRF Event System Patch
Device support patch file for EVG/EVR-230 from Micro Research Finland.

Wireshark with EPICS Channel Access Dissector
An EPICS channel access plugin for the popular protocol analyzer of computer networks was developed, in order to help diagnosing network issues and evaluating new devices and software.
Screenshot,   Software download and description,   Background information.  

Control System Studio
Study, evaluation and tutorial by Ms. Prachi Chitnis

Two implementations of Operation Logbook (elog) Systems
Both elogs utilize postgresql backend, and have EPICS event automatic entry capabilities, screenshot & picture integration, web interfaces, reporting functionalities, event classification, etc.
ZLog: Electronic Operation Logbook System
ZLog, an electronic operation logbook (elog) system based on zope. Software download and installation memorandum.
"Web-based electronic operation log system - Zlog system" (ICALEPCS2007), (slide).
A number of accelerator projects adopt ZLog.
Linac Logbook system
"The operation logbook system at kekb linac and ring" (ICALEPCS2003).
This elog has been evolving since 1995, beginning with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, and presently running with Apache/Adobe Flex and Python.

TinyCAS on Netburner MOD5282 by Mr. Robert Lee at NSRRC, Taiwan
A channel access server implementation for name-card-size coldfire (5282) formfactor with analog/digital input/outputs.

Very simple EPICS device support example
Synchronous EPICS device support, which demonstrates how simple users's information can be passed to EPICS world.

EPICS Support Book (local only)
by Dr. S. Dasgupta.

Operating systems

EPICS building procedure and related information (Sorry but these are old)

Linux related EPICS information

MacOSX (Darwin) related EPICS information

Tru64unix (Digital unix/OSF1) related EPICS information

Windows related EPICS information

VxWorks related EPICS information

RTEMS related EPICS information


EPICS Seminar in KEK for Sakura Science Program Jul.2016.
Part of presentations

EPICS Collaboration Meeting at IMP in Lanzhou, China, May.2014.
Part of presentations
Meeting page
Presentation slides

School for Accelerator Technology and Applications at IITB in Mumbai, India, Jan.2012.
Part of presentations
Meeting page

EPICS Seminar and Tutorials at Tokai, Mar.2012.
Part of presentations
Meeting page

EPICS Collaboration Meeting at NSRRC in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Jun.2011.
Part of presentations
Meeting page
Meeting page mirror

EPICS Collaboration Meeting at BNL in Upton, NY-US, Oct.2010.
Part of presentations
Meeting page

Asian Core-university EPICS Meeting and Training at IHEP in Beijing, China, Mar.2010.
Part of presentations

Meeting at NSRRC in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Oct.2009.
Part of presentations

Meetings at KSTAR/NFRI in Daejon, Korea, Jun,Jul.2009. (partially over video)
Part of presentations
Meeting page for Jul.2009

EPICS Meeting at Vancouver, Canada, Apr.2009.
Part of presentations
Meeting page

EPICS-related Seminars by CSNS/BEPCII/IHEP and SSRF/SINAP People, in KEK, Feb.2009.

Asian Core-university EPICS Meeting at RRCAT in Indore, Indea, Jan.2009.
Part of presentations
Presentation repository

Meeting at IHEP in Beijing, China, Dec.2008.
Part of presentations

Asian Core-university EPICS Meeting at VECC in Kolkata, India, Jul.2006.
Part of presentations

Asian Core-university EPICS Meeting and Training at NSRL, USTC in Hefei, China, Feb.2004.
Part of presentations

Asian EPICS Training at KEK, Jul.2003.
Part of presentations

Asian Core-university EPICS Meeting and Training at IHEP in Beijing, China, Aug.2001.
Part of presentations

First Asian Core-university EPICS Meeting and Training at SINAP in Shanghai, China, Aug.2000.

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