Sokendai/KEK Doctoral Theses on Accelerator Controls and related subjects

Study of Reliable Timing System at KEK Accelerator Complex [pdf] by Di Wang (2021, 146 pages)

A Validation Study on the Novel Three-Dimensional Spiral Injection Scheme with the Electron Beam for Muon g – 2/EDM Experiment [pdf] [repository] by Rehman Muhammad Abdul (2020, 219 pages)

Development of Three-dimensional Spiral Injection Scheme by Using Electron Beam [pdf] by Rehman Muhammad Abdul (2017, Master, 99 pages)

Study on Accelerator Operation and Diagnostics in Wide Area Environment [pdf] [repository] by Akito Uchiyama (2014, 147 pages)

Study of the unified control system of the magnets in the KEKB/PF-AR accelerators [pdf] [repository] by Tatsuro Nakamura (2011, 77 pages)

Reliable Control System For Future Particle Accelerators [pdf] [repository] by Artem Kazakov (2009, 84 pages)

Development of Embedded EPICS and its Application to Accelerator Control System [pdf] by Geyang Jiang (2005, 100 pages)

Development of a Control System for Stable Linac Operation [pdf] [repository] by Takemasa Masuda (2005, 125 pages)

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Kazuro Furukawa <kazuro.furukawa AT>, Jan.10.2014 - Sep.17.2021.
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