Controls and EPICS for ILC at KEK


No real activities in ILC Controls area at KEK yet. However, there are areas which need to be considered.

For now, there are no budget available, and the activities are supported by STF and Linac developments.

Articles and Slides

Using EPICS Redundant IOC in Unix Environment [pdf]  
(A.Kazakov et. al., ICALEPCS2007, Knoxville, Oct.2007)

Controls Activities at KEK, and Issues for ILC (Slide) [pdf]   [docdb]   [powerpoint]
(K.Furukawa, ILC Control / ILC LLRF Workshop, Fermilab, Feb.2006)

Database and Simulation Codes (at ILC) (Slide) [pdf]   [powerpoint]
(K.Furukawa, 1st ILC Workshop, KEK, Nov.2004)

Recent Activities toward Worldwide Remote Operations of Accelerators [pdf]  
(N.Yamamoto, ICALEPCS2003, Gyeongju, Korea, Oct.2003)


Internal Links
Internal Design of Redundant IOC on Unix, A.Kazakov, Aug.2007
ATCA Presentation, Motorola/LHS, May.2007
ATCA Photos, K.Furukawa, May.2007
Development Status and Plan of Redundant IOC, K.Furukawa, Feb.2007

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ILC Wiki: Controls
WebEx at Fermilab
DocDB: ILC Controls
ILC Indico: Controls
ILC-Controls Mail-list

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