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This page summarizes how to make a CF for typical use of F3RP61 at KEK. The emphasis is on the pitfalls and would-be-overlooked points in reading and understanding the manuals of the BSP. For more detailed and comprehensive information, consult relevant manuals of the BSP carefully.

  1. Check if the prerequisites listed below are satisfied.
  2. Format the CF on the host machine.
  3. Make a new file system in the partition.

  4. Mount the filesystem.
  5. Move to /mnt/cf.
  6. Choose appropreate kernel for CF boot and copy it to /mnt/cf.
  7. Copy Device Tree Binary
  8. Choose appropreate rootfs for CF boot and un-tar it under /mnt/cf.
  9. Move to /mnt/cf/usr/lib and copy a library from /mnt/cf/opt to the directory.
  10. Copy NTP-related binaries if necessary.
  11. Edit /mnt/cf/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to set IP and Netmask

  12. Edit /mnt/cf/etc/fstab if you load iocCore and relevant libraries on NFS.
  13. Edit /mnt/cf/etc/hosts and /mnt/cf/etc/sysconfig/network to set hostname.
  14. Edit /mnt/cf/etc/ntp.conf to specify the NTP server.
  15. You might also want to edit /mnt/cf/etc/rc.local to add the following lines: and other stuff, such as lines to exectute startup script (st.cmd), to extend PATH to reach libraries and executable binaries for executing ioc, and so forth. It might be convenient to create .bash_profile under /root to export TERM=vt100 so that the text editor, vi, works fine.

  16. Unmount the CF.
  17. Boot up your F3RP61-based IOC with the newly created CF and login to it. And then, visit /usr/lib to execute ldconfig there.